You’ve heard the words “social media” thrown into business conversation frequently over the last few years.  Some people tend to think it’s a technology phase or a tactic that only millennials make use of. Wrong. If there’s one thing you learn from reading this blog post, may it be that social media has made its mark, and it’s here to stay.  Social media is not just for personal use.  It provides businesses with an extra avenue of marketing and helps enhance all the basic pillars of good business.

So, why does social media matter to those in the business world? What good comes from it? Well, sit back, relax and soak in five of the most important benefits a company can achieve from utilizing social media.


1. Make your brand visible.

The various social media channels allow you to achieve consistent visibility online. Social media gives you (and your brand) the opportunity to be part of your audience’s day, every day. By participating in conversations, sharing thoughts on specific topics, and posting blogs, your brand remains on your potential customers’ minds when they’re looking for your service or product.

2. Engage with customers.

Not only does social media allow you to introduce your brand, but it allows you to interact with those purchasing your products and services.  Social media is conversational in nature. People use it specifically to engage with people and brands. If people are engaging in conversation about your brand, join in. If what they’re saying is positive, offer them a call to action. If you come across a more negative conversation, set the record straight. Social media gives you and your business direct access to your consumers and vice versa. Take advantage of it.

3. Create revenue.

Social media creates exposure for your business.  Soon, you will begin to see an increase in traffic to your site as people gain interest in your products and services. In addition, social media gives your company the opportunity to offer consumers specials and promotions. Who doesn’t love discounts? Each of these help in sealing a business deal and, ultimately, in creating revenue.

4. Build a foundation of loyalty.

As most know, trust goes a long way. When it comes to business, your consumers want to trust your brand. Social media allows you to showcase your company values and goals and share those with your audience. Communicate openly with your customers. If they post a question, answer it. They’ll be comforted knowing you took the time to consider their concern.

5. Search Engine Optimization.

Sure, you can find out about a company by asking someone else. But let’s be honest, most people just go straight to Google to search for what they’re looking for. Having active accounts on various social media sites helps your company build trust with Google. The more trust with Google, the higher your company is likely to place in page rankings and the more likely to show up in the Google search results.


I know, I know. You’re probably asking yourself why you haven’t set up social media accounts for your company. Or, if you already have them set up, you’re probably asking why you are not employing them successfully.  If your company does not already have accounts set up with the various social media sites, give us at SRG Creative a call. We do this kind of work. All the time. If you already have accounts set up for your business, but just need some fine-tuning, send SRG Creative an email. We’re doing social media for businesses – all the time.  SRG Creative. Your Story. Our Passion.

Caressa Bateman
Digital Strategist


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