In 1999, I approached Bill Lawrence about my interest in moving into a new career path. Bill looked at me, and asked, “Why don’t you open a consulting practice?” Well, the rest is history as Stoker Resources Group, LLC is approaching its 15th anniversary in August of 2014.

agency-history-closet-throwbackWhat began in a closet office at home years ago is now an agency offering consulting services in public relations and marketing, event and video production, congregational life with an incredibly talented staff of people who do immensely creative work. And our clients stretch from Fort Worth Business Press to Downtown Fort Worth Inc., from the Van Cliburn Foundation to the Child Study Center, from Cousin’s Bar-B-Q to Digg’s Taco Shop, from Bruner Auto Family to West 7th Smiles and West 7th, to mention just a few of the many members of the SRG client family.

When we started in business, we were excited to get smaller laptops, cell phones that were no longer bricks, and zip drives that allowed us to transfer small amounts of data. Now, we’re using tablets, iPhones that fit into pockets, and flash drives that carry more than our laptops used to carry. In 1999, marketing involved radio, television, and direct mail. In 2014, marketing involves empowering our clients to understand the vast resources of social networking and the Internet in addition to some of the traditional marketing practices. In short, every day we have been in business has started with an evolution of change.

A final note in this sea of change ensued with the advent of the boom of the oil and gas business resulting in clients questioning, “Is Stoker Resources Group, LLC an oil and gas company?” Well, messaging is everything in branding, and we decided that ambivalence is not good messaging.

This week, we announce a reinvention of our company. Today, we become SRG Creative Solutions, a new company with a renewed commitment to helping our clients tell their stories. In fact, we go further to use a tag line: Your Story. Our Passion. Telling your story is our greatest privilege, and we begin that process now by introducing you to our new web home, It tells our story and demonstrates our interest in helping you tell yours. Of course, you can also find us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and whatever has joined the social networking landscape in the last few minutes!

Text us. Call us. Email us. Or just flag us down as we pass by. We’re all about a new story to tell. That’s SRG Creative. Your Story. Our Passion.

Tom Stoker


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