We encounter hundreds of advertisements and marketing messages a day. Some are effective, and some aren’t. A few things that separate these two categories are the inclusion or exclusion of a clear incentive, call to action, and sense of value.

Coca-Cola has focused one of their recent campaigns (“Share a Coke”) around an idea that captures the essence of these qualities. The company has successfully marketed the concept directly to the consumer by replacing their name with yours. Over a thousand names have taken the place of the iconic Coco-Cola logo.

The incentive has always been clear. It’s Coke. It’s delicious. It’s refreshing. The call to action and sense of consumer value created is seeing “YOUR NAME” personalized into the company’s brand. It seems like that Coke bottle at the grocery store or gas station was specifically created for you and for you alone. Every other bottle in the fridge without your name on it doesn’t quite seem as appealing anymore. That creates personal value. That sells product.

In fact, I came across a Coke bottle with the name “Tom” on it. I immediately thought of my employer and decided to purchase it for him. Even though I wasn’t in the mood for a coke at that moment in time (and I’m almost positive Tom doesn’t drink Coca-Cola) the purchase was made anyway. That’s effective marketing.

When you’re strategizing how to effectively market your brand, ask yourself, “What is the incentive? Is there a specific call to action? What sense of value does my target audience experience with my brand?” If you can successfully address these questions, you will generate more conversions and acquire new sales.

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Frank Sack
Digital Experience Specialist


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